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Hello! I’m Dani Rua, the photographer behind the camera of Little Moments Photography. I love capturing beautiful life moments and making them into amazing memories for you and your family.

My motto: ‘A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever’

My goal is be your personal photographer, I want to tailor the experience to you and your family so you get the best memories out of it. I focus primarily on spontaneous moments of laughter, emotions, or simple ‘gezelligheid’ during those moments you never want to forget.

Dani Rua About me - Little Moments Photography

Where my passion comes from

I wasn’t always a photographer. Well I was but I just didn’t know. After 10 years working in marketing I decided to pursue a career shift to something I truly love.

I have been taking photos all my life, of several family and friends ‘little moments’, always with great passion but without a professional camera. I personally want to have photos of any event or special moment of my life, this is how my memory works – if I see it, I remember it (and of course if I don’t, I tend to forget). So I decided that I want to be doing this also for others as the purpose of my work.

And conclusion is, I have never been happier with my work.

How I work

I specialize in following spontaneous and natural moments, mostly outdoors and un-posed. I will guide you so we can get the best shots but most of all I want you to have fun, enjoy and be yourself, and that will come across in the photos.

I love taking photos of kids and pets. There is nothing more spontaneous than them. So normally I follow them around and focus on capturing those precious seconds when magic happens.

After the shoot I always pay special care and attention to the re-touching and editing phase. I want your photos to look their best so I will carefully edit one by one to achieve the best results.

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