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4 reasons why you should have a pregnancy photoshoot

I get it, being in front of a camera is not everyone’s cup of tea. Very few people are talented at posing and flowing naturally. And often the sheer thought of having someone take our photos makes you cringe or the butterflies in your stomach go nuts. Me included 🙂

BUT, I believe there is a stigma of what a photoshoot is: posed, artificial, uncomfortable. And probably in many cases it is, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be fun, relaxing and feel great to be doing something special for yourself. And at the end of it you also get great photos to remember this amazing moment of your life forever. Can you think of a better moment than now that you’re pregnant to give it a go? Here are my 4 reasons why I think you shouldn’t miss out on this experience and book yourself a pregnancy photoshoot:

1. Your memory of exactly how this moment felt will fade away

You’re probably noticing your hormones are going a bit crazy already. The fact is, they will also start to affect your memory. What today feels very real and vivid, like feeling that big round belly in front of you or your baby moving inside, will soon be a very faded and vague memory. This effect is often called ‘pregnancy brain’ or ‘momnesia’ – you can see articles about it in several trusted sources (click here for an example).

In my experience, photos help you remember. And how great would it be to have a nice and beautiful photo of you, happy and loving, waiting anxiously to meet your little one? A photo that will bring you back to that day, the day you had fun being pregnant and feeling special.



2. Your little one will likely want to see how his/her mommy was when they were inside the belly


We are a generation likely coming from parents or grandparents that couldn’t take many photos. Photography is something that only became mainstream in the 80s/90s and even then it was probably too expensive of a hobby for most. For some of us, there might be one or two pictures of our moms pregnant, or maybe none.

And now we have a different reality, there are just too many photos. With our phones we are enjoying making little belly journals, showing the progress over the weeks, and making movies of the visible kicks. But it’s very hard for the memory to get lost in these photos that normally stay in your phone forever. They are not shot well, often both parents are not in them, they are not edited, nor are they high resolution or sharp.

A professional photo can become then very special, something you may want to put in your baby’s album, or print. It will stand out and become a lovely memory you will always want to look back to.

3. Treat yourself to a ‘me day’

It is a very crazy time of your life, filled with joy, happiness, anxieties, but also often fears, and discomforts. You deserve pampering. Just as much as I would strongly recommend (many!) pregnancy massages, treating yourself to a day where you feel pretty, where you can have a special moment with your partner, pet and other kids, is a must have.

You won’t regret it! I promise!



4. Forget posed and uncomfortable. A good photographer will get you to relax, be yourself and look your best with his/her camera


There is nothing worse than a posed, fake picture. As the person who normally stands on the other side of the camera (the photographer) I believe in making you relax, be yourself, enjoy the process of your pictures being taken, feeling beautiful and allowing me to capture you in a true, spontaneous moment.

I’m not just pitching for myself here but there are many good photographers out there. Find your right fit, ask for an intake conversation and make sure you feel at ease with the person. If you choose well, I guarantee you will have an amazing experience.

Did I manage to get you excited for it? I hope so 🙂 

Now it’s time to book your own pregnancy photoshoot! Check out my portfolio and see if my style is the right match for what you’re looking for:

Portfolio – Pregnancy Photoshoot

Portfolio – Pregnancy Gender Reveal

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4 reasons why you should have a pregnancy photoshoot


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